1944; New Orleans, LA

Current Locations:
Minneapolis, MN and New York, NY


Robert Bergman: Portraits, 1986-1995
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
October 11, 2009 - January 10, 2010
Gallery View:

Robert Bergman: Selected Portraits
P.S.1/MoMA, New York, NY
October 25, 2009 - January 4, 2010

A Kind of Rapture
Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, NY
November 5, 2009 - January 9, 2010

Robert Bergman: Portraits, 1986-1995
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN
June 18, 2010 - August 22, 2010

Robert Bergman
Michael Hoppen Contemporary, London, England
October 14, 2010 - November 27, 2010


The Lyric Image: Selected Photographs by Robt. Bergman & Dan Seymour
Savran's Paperback Shop, West Bank, University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

The Printed Picture
The Museum of Modern Art
New York, NY
October 17, 2008 - July 13, 2009

The Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC
October 2, 2010 - January 2, 2011

First Look
Yossi Milo Gallery
New York, NY
January 26, 2012 - February 25, 2012

Rockland Center for the Arts
West Nyack, NY
March 10, 2013 - April 14, 2013

Color! American Photography Transformed
Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Fort Worth, TX
October 5, 2013 - January 5, 2014

Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1
Industry City
Brooklyn, NY
October 20, 2013 - December 15, 2013

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Toni Morrison: Notable Lecture
National Gallery of Art
November 1, 2009

NPR: Emerging from the Darkroom
November 10, 2009

PBS News Hour - Art Beat
November 17, 2009

National Gallery of Art: Sarah Greenough interview with Robert Bergman
November 7, 2009

BBC America: Capturing America through a Lens
December 15, 2009

Bob Edwards Radio
January 2, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio
June 16, 2010


A Kind of Rapture
Robert Bergman
Introduction by Toni Morrison
Afterword by Meyer Schapiro
Pantheon Books

The Norton Reader
11th Edition
"Strangers": Contributions by Toni Morrison and Robert Bergman

The Printed Picture
The Museum of Modern Art
Richard Benson

Robert Bergman: Selected Portraits
Phong Bui
Introduction by Glenn Lowry
Essay by David Levi Strauss
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center
View PDF file

Exploring Color Photography: From Film to Pixels
Robert Hirsch
Chapter 6: "The Visual Language of Color Design"
Focal Press

Paris Photo: Vu par David Lynch

Another Way of Seeing: Essays on Transforming Law, Politics and Culture
Peter Gabel
Part IV "Culture", beginning page 161: "The Portraits of Robert Bergman"
Quid Pro Books

Color! American Photography Transformed
John Rohrbach
Amon Carter Museum, Exhibition Catalogue

Words Not Spent Today Buy Smaller Images Tomorrow
David Levi Strauss
Part II, chapter beginning page 62: "The Democracy of Universal Vulnerability: on Robert Bergman’s Portraits"

Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs of People
Henry Carroll
Laurence King Publishing Ltd.
Forthcoming, 2015

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The New Yorker
October 12, 1998

"REVISIONS: A City Impinges, Through a Lens, Not Always Darkly"
The New York Times
October 18, 1999

"SPOTLIGHT: Robert Bergman"
The Brooklyn Rail: Critical perspectives on arts, politics, and culture
May 2004

"Re-Humanizing the Face in America: The Photographs of Robert Bergman"
Cambridge University, Third International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities
July 2005

"The Man Who Waited"
The Wall Street Journal
October 6, 2009

"About Face"
The Washington Post
October 13, 2009

"Art in Conversation: Robert Bergman with John Yau"
The Brooklyn Rail
October 2009

"A Cool Eye for Imperfection"
The Financial Times
December 29, 2009

"Robert Bergman: P.S.1 and Yossi Milo"
February 2010

"More Than Human"
Dazed and Confused
March 2010

"Robert Bergman: National Gallery of Art"
March 2010

"Robert Bergman, Michael Hoppen Contemporary, London"
The Financial Times
November 1, 2010

"Photographer Robert Bergman: Outsider Looking In"
The Guardian
November 2, 2010

"Arrêt sur visages"
M, the magazine of Le Monde
February 9, 2013

"Robert Bergman: A Kind of Rapture"
Exhibition Catalogue: Come Together, Surviving Sandy
December 2013


The Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland, OH

The Museum of Fine Arts
Houston, TX

The Museum of Modern Art
New York, NY

National Gallery of Art
Washington, DC

21C Museum
Louisville, KY

Many private collections including:
Agnes Gund, President Emerita,
The Museum of Modern Art
New York, NY