"Occasionally there arises an event or a moment that one knows immediately will forever mark a place in the history of artistic endeavor. Robert Bergman’s portraits represent such a moment, such an event. In all its burnished majesty his gallery refuses us unearned solace and one by one by one each photograph unveils us, asserting a beauty, a kind of rapture, that is as close as can be to a master template of the singularity, the community, the unextinguishable sacredness of the human race."
Toni Morrison

These galleries present a representation of Robert Bergman's photographs.

1949 - 1956

1965 - 1968
Black & White Street Work

1972 - 1985
Black & White Abstracts (currently not available)

1976 - 1985
Black & White Portraits of Americans in Nursing Homes

1985 - 1997
Color Portraits of Americans

Color Urban Fragments (currently not available)

2007 - Present
Color Abstracts (currently not available)